My skills.


I am experienced in different design fields – proved by different projects I have been part of. The following description highlights my strength.

Design Process

There is not “the one” design process that
leads to innovation. The process needs to be
carefully considered each time.
Design Research
Experienced in research-based design practice. Empirical and methodological procedure.
Industrial Design
Implementation of user needs through Design Research activities. Technical and productional understanding.
Design Strategy
Identification of future potentials and business cases through methodical and analytic procedure.
Design Theory
A scientific field and research area that provides the foundations for the practice.

Design Process.


About me.

I am 28 years old. I am a millennial. I am an utopian. I am a seeker. I am a thinker. I am a globetrotter. But for now most important…

I have a degree in Industrial Design from the University of Wuppertal (Bergische Universität Wuppertal). In other words I am holding a Diplom (FH) and a Diplom (Uni) in Industrial Design. The second Diplom is pretty much equivalent to the newly introduced Master ‘Strategic Innovation in Products and Service’. Especially in this period of my studies I have set a strong focus on Strategic Design including theoretical knowledge about methodical processes and innovation development.

Annabell Nonne
Gestaltung ist Haltung - design ist attitude.

My experience. My abilities. My mindset.

I have gained my experiences during projects at the University of Wuppertal, especially in projects cooperating with the leading industry of Germany (such as Bosch, Braun, Gepa), as well as in my internships and my semester abroad, all of them broadening my horizon. I was able to realize my gained theoretical and practical knowledge and furthermore enlarge it due to my part-time position as a Research Assistant at the University of Wuppertal and as a Design Strategist in the creative consulting industry.

After my graduation, I pursued my wanderlust – my desire for discovering. That’s why I decided for a gap year to broaden my international horizon and to improve my english. Meanwhile I was still working as a Freelancer and lived as Digital Nomad. I chose the furthest point on the atlas as my starting point. That was New Zealand where I have ended up to work and travel for twelve month and where I did jobs out of my design comfort zone such as being the Head Custodian for a couple of month on a mountain in a ski field. After this fully new experience and a life far away from the bustle in Europe, I realized that I somehow miss this bustle. But there was still something on my bucket list I wanted to experience – the Asian bustle! From New Zealand I moved on to Australia and from there to Southeast Asia where I travelled through Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia and Myanmar. I lived a life I never lived before surrounded by different cultures and habits while I was volunteering in small independent projects. A life far away from my convenient life in Europe and also far away from my nature related life in New Zealand. Sponged with new experiences and knowledge (I could write a book about), I am now looking forward to move on in my design career and looking for a new challenge.

My journey has had a positive impact on my existing skills of empathy, endurance and strong-mindedness which are all very important characteristics in the design process. My strength is a careful methodical and systematical procedure within research processes where I am able to draw the right conclusions and reveal the core potentials to address target groups meeting the requirements of user-centered design. A process-oriented and methodical approach is an essential factor for innovation, therefor I have a skilled handling of ‘Innovation-Tools’, Design-Research-Methods, Design-Thinking-Methods and an analytic mindset. Using this I am able to draw strategic actions towards brands, products and services. Beside my methodical and theoretical skill set, my strongest design skills are an experienced and confident handling of design software and therefore a fast and aesthetically development of design concepts and variations. Ongoing I possess an affinity with graphics which is beneficial for the visualization of information and theory into appealing presentations.

My creative drive and interest is not only limited to design issues, but also includes social, economical, cultural and political processes. That is why I also used my study to experiment within the theoretical examination of design (understood as a producing industry) in its effect on those mentioned fields. In particular, I have dealt with the issue of sustainability, as it will become increasingly more important. Furthermore I have a passion for science in order to generate knowledge, because a responsible shaping of the future does not work without profound knowledge. Design as a creative potency can be an important driver that creates knowledge about future potentials.

Finally, I think with my professional know-how, fluent english, team work abilities, willingness to carry responsibility, creativity, innovative thinking, industriousness and my curiosity, I ‘m actually not a bad asset. Therefor check out my work!


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My work.

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